Can we talk about this scene real quick? Because it’s one of my favorites in any show, movie, or video game ever.
Throughout Shadow Hearts: Covenant, you just see this badass, cocky-as-fuck Yuri Volte Hyuga who beats the shit out of monsters and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else says. Then out of nowhere is this broken, crying person standing in front of an empty stasis tube where the love of his life should have been. And he cries. Not the “blank expression shed a single tear cry.” Real crying. Quivering lip, cracking voice, fountain of tears type of crying. Probably the most real crying you will ever see in computer graphics. This is why Yuri is one of my favorite video game characters ever. He has to struggle for his sanity and fight the monsters inside of him every day, he has the pressure of saving the world and keeping his friends safe, he lost his parents, but when he is denied getting the love of his life back, THAT is when he breaks down. He promises Alice that when she dies, he will die, too, for he failed to protect her. But Alice died for Yuri, so he couldn’t just make her sacrifice for nothing. He lives on for her. He feels like he needs to keep living for her, even though he isn’t happy at all and really just doesn’t want to live with this pain anymore. At some point he realizes he doesn’t know why he is living or why he’s fighting anymore. But he keeps doing it. Because he wants to fight for the world and for what is right. 

Yuri is one of my favorites because, in some ways, he and I are alike.